How to create a perfect schedule for you and your kids. Free tips on color coded scheduling. #motherhood #parenting #organize

How to create a perfect schedule for you & the kids

As I’ve aged and especially after becoming a parent, I’ve realized the importance of both flexibility and structure. Not only do our kids need it, we need it for our sanity. If your goal is to have a healthy, well balanced life then having a schedule will put you on the fast track to attaining that goal.

So, where do we start?


Consider what is most important to you. What are your goals? Weight loss? Spending more time with your children? Exercise? Getting more work/play out of your life? Think about what is most important to you then prioritize. This is how I prioritize my life…

  1. Me – personal time, spirituality, health, fitness, appointments, etc.
  2. Scarlett (my daughter) – eating, sleeping, basic needs
  3. Work – tasks to be completed, appointments, etc.
  4. Family – quality time
  5. Friends – outings/get togethers

It is ESSENTIAL that you make YOURSELF a top priority! Often Mothers tend to put themselves at the bottom of the list because we care so deeply for everyone else and making sure all others needs are met. As they say on airplanes, put the mask on yourself before anyone else! Make sure that YOU are priority!!! Everyone will be better off for it. Remember – happy parents, happy kids!

Color code

Have a color associated to every aspect of your life. Here are some examples:

  • Green – Work
  • Yellow – Fun
  • Red – Personal time
  • Aqua – Personal errands/appointments
  • Blue – Cleaning/meal time
  • Purple – Family/friend time

Here is an example of my schedule:

My personal color coded schedule

When looking at your schedule if you see a little bit of every color, you’ll have a balanced life! Pretty cool, huh? It truly does work and has made such a tremendous difference in my day to day life.

Find a tool that works for you

If you’re one who likes to jot things down and does best using a calendar or daily planner, stick with it!

If you’re anything like me (spend lots of time on the phone/computer) then having something like CalenGoo would be a great app for you. Keep in mind Google Calendar is free and also a wonderful tool. I personally enjoy having the extra features that a paid app offers.

Create “To Do” lists

Either grab a pen and paper or make a list online.

Here is an example of my to do lists using Trello:


I personally use and love Trello. It’s free and it’s efficient. I use it for both business and personal lists. If you decide to make an account, here are the steps I recommend you take:

  1. Create a list titled “Brain Dump” – just go ahead and start typing everything you can possibly think of that needs to be done. Don’t worry about prioritizing or categorizing, just get it all out!
  2. Create a list titled “Today” – drag everything that HAS to be done today from your Brain Dump list over to this list.
  3. Create a list titled “Tomorrow” – is Today’s list looking a little heavy? Surely there are some things you can drag over to Tomorrow. Be gentle with yourself, no one can get everything they need to do done in one day!
  4. Throughout the day delete what you’ve accomplished (clicking that archive button feels so great!) and tweak as needed. As soon as you think of another task, put it on the list! Get it out of your brain to make space for getting things done.

Trello also has a mobile app which comes in very handy while you’re on the go!

Be gentle with yourself

Yes, you are superwoman. You created a tiny human being & spend every day of your life raising it. However, you simply cannot expect yourself to get everything done at once.

Keep it simple. Let it all out, prioritize and get to work on what you can.

Realize that some days things happen. You’ll get sick, the baby will be extra clingy, or you’ll spend half the day on phonecalls that had to be made. Just pick yourself back up, put your superwoman cape back on and get back on track as soon as possible.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go create that schedule, to do lists, and start moving towards happier, healthier YOU & kids!


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