Life Lessons click to read more. What I learned from the couple across the street. #lifeisbeautiful #love #inspiration

Life Lessons From the Couple Across the Street

Where I’m staying there is an older couple who live across the street. The man has had several problems especially over the last few years. He had a stroke, making it to where he cannot speak, broke his hip… just a host of physical ailments he has to deal with on a daily basis.

It amazes me that somehow even through the troubles that life has brought their way, they couldn’t seem any happier.

His wife bakes delicious bread, takes care of their home, takes care of him, does all the yard work and would do anything for not only her husband but the entire neighborhood. I know she’d help the whole world in some way if she could.

Every day I see them sitting on their porch, looking out at the world with a smile. They wave at the neighbors while soaking up the sunshine.

Neither of them have let this man’s physical limitations stand in the way of their happiness. In fact, there hasn’t been a time I’ve seen either of them without wearing a big, contagious smile. He may not be able to speak by using his words but he’s always been able to say so much more with his kind eyes.

I can only hope that some day I have that type of relationship. To know the true meaning of for better or worse, to love without condition and never to let any of life’s troubles bring us down. That hand in hand together, we can face it all kind of love. That’s what I want.


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