Parenting tip #1 don't throw them out the window! Keep your cool, Momma. Click the image to read more.

Parenting Tip #1: Don’t Throw Them Out The Window

This is me. This is my life. If you want real, here it is. If cussing offends you, better exit the page now. If you feel uncomfortable talking about poop and having mental breakdowns – keep on moving!

While some days I want to write fluff and puff posts about how wonderful having a child is and all the cool little things you can do with/for them, I also have days that I want to pull my hair out.

Days like today… when Scarlett has a cold, I’m possibly dealing with identity theft, my mother and I are on the outs, now I’m starting to get sick and the to do list is overflowing, etc. You get the picture.

I’m not going to lie. There are times I get to a point that I want to say “fuck it,” throw the kid out the window, get into the car and drive around the world. Paris sounds nice. How about Italy? Seriously though, anyone who has a child knows what I’m talking about. It’s not that you’d ever hurt your child, it’s that you get to a point where it all seems like too much and you just want to escape. That’s when your support system comes in. Be it family, friends or people from the internet that you’ve never met IRL – thanks for reading peeps.

So here we have it. Kids bloom. I’m blooming. Part of the growth process is to get through the storm. So if you’re with me, thanks for being here. Stick with me through the hard times and I’ll share the best of times too, along with any and all advice I can share with you as a parent. Be there for me, I’ll be there for you.

We are all just trying to make it through the day with a kid, or two, or (boy do I respect you) more. Trust me, I know it’s not always easy.

From one parent to another I truly believe that with each other, we can make it through the day no matter what it brings. ❤


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