The Simplest Meal Plan // My week long challenge.

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Hi readers –

Well, the week I’ve been dreading this month has come. I decided to bite the bullet and complete my challenge as early as possible. This week I am going to tackle my very strict, healthy, 1,200 calorie meal plan!

I am a little odd and have never been bothered by routine and repeating meals. I have been eating the same oatmeal mix for the past 5 months, every morning, every day. And I still love it! I can definitely try this healthy meal plan of four different meals for a week and not get tired of choices. With that being said, all my lunch and dinner choices are interchangeable and can be eaten as often or repeated as I want. I just figured that the lunch meals are easier for lunch and dinner meals seemed more appropriate for dinner. I do plan on doing any number of variations…

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