Liberty Slings Baby Wrap Review #babywearing #wrap #babysling

Review of Baby Wrap Sling by Liberty Slings

 Liberty Slings Stretchy Baby Wrap ReviewLiberty Slings Baby Wrap Review #babywearing #motherhood #wrap

We were first introduced to baby wearing by my very good friend when DD was 6 months old and going through a phase I now refer to as ‘The big cling’. Off on our way to the meet her and her son then carry on to a local park, a journey that required a trip in the then dreaded pram. So strap in the sproglett who starts to cry, we arrive at the house both of us in tears by this point. Then friend lends us her Liberty sling stretchy wrap.

Pop in DD and immediately there is quiet! At this point I had honestly forgotten what it was like to have both hands free as well as been able to hear myself think! We immediately purchased one from the website which has lots of lovely information about baby wearing, how to wear and some gorgeous colours to choose from, and have honestly never looked back.

Having tried modern carriers such as the Baby Bjorn I can say that this sling is much more comfortable than I had expected, it spreads the babies weight evenly across your shoulders and back meaning easy wear for long periods. The wrap encourages a natural posture for your little one too, a deep seat means that weight is spread naturally as when sitting instead of being focused on the crutch with legs dangling.

I found it very handy when breast feeding out and about, there are some easy carries that meant she could feed easily and discreetly, then if she fell asleep after I could just carry on with what I was doing while she napped in the sling. The material is made from 100% cotton, very soft and cosy whilst being reassuringly firm. Making you feel like baby is very secure and safe. Its also easy to clean, just pop in the wash on cool then line dry.

The sling comes with clear instructions and it’s very easy to get baby in, there are also lots of You Tube videos available, showing a great variety of carries suitable for tiny babies to toddlers. My husband loved it as well, it enabled him to carry her close and it was lovely to see the flow of natural interaction between them while they explored the world together.

The only problem I have had with it is once DD hit the 25lb mark, it began to bunch as she wriggled meaning adjustment on the go. I also would not recommend trying back carries with a stretchy but these are the only two negatives I can think of. Definitely a great purchase and one I do not hesitate to recommend to others.

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