Pumping! What I did for my milk supply and started work with a 1050 OZ Freezer Stash

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Ok so it sounds easy enough. Just attach a pump and….Go!

IMG_3225What is in my main freezer. I also have a Deep Freezer filled to the brim.

Well ladies it is not that easy. When I first started to pump with my first it seemed like a foreign world to me. There are all these different kind of pumps, storage bags, bottles. You have enough on your plate with deciding diapers and wipes. Hopefully this post will help moms make these decisions easier.

(Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or lactation consultant. Everything in this post is my own personal opinion. Also everyone is different. What works for me won’t work for everyone. If you have any questions or concerns consult with a doctor)

1. Start as soon as you can. 

Ok so most lactation consultants will tell you to start pumping about 2 weeks before you need to go…

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