Fear of the Unkown

Before I was a mother all I had to worry about was myself. My own needs and desires always came first. The moment I saw that second line appear on the pregnancy test, my whole life changed. I started to think… not just for myself but for this tiny human that was forming inside of me. Every choice I made from then would affect myself, this child and sub sequentially, all those around me. Yet I still made poor choices. I made them daily. I still do.

This time around I have all the desire to do everything right. Yet I find myself having a lot of fear of what’s to come. From what I’ve read and been told it’s natural to feel this way. But sometimes knowing others can sympathize doesn’t make the feeling go away.

This isn’t one of those posts that hold the key or the answer to how to overcome fear of the unknown. The fact is, it will always be there. No one can predict the future. But I can say that taking deep breaths along with realigning my focus to be on what is within my control (i.e. I’m going to check on my baby and get some water after this post) has helped me regain a little balance and peace in my life.

Until next time…



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