Homeschool Tutorial Classes: Program Features

Private Christian School Features

The Homeschool Tutorial classes at Family Christian Academy are designed to help parents with the home education process. It’s like having the best of both worlds – home education and tutoring in one. Your family still has the freedoms, flexibility and family unity that home education provides, plus the added help of a teacher in a small group, Christian setting 2-3 days a week.

Students entering our academic program undergo a placement test to determine their exact learning levels. This allows FCA to completely customize your child’s learning experience and place them right where they need to be to succeed.

We offer a small, multi-level classroom environment that provides your student with a caring enviroment and personal attention. Many parents have found that tutorial support is an asset to their children.

FCA performs the lesson planning, teaching, and grading for its students while they are on campus and communicates with the parents through assignment forms about school work that needs to be completed at home. Classes for the core curriculum subjects such as: Bible, Math, Language Arts, Science and History are taught daily, Monday – Thursday from 8:30am-3:30pm. Enrichment classes are offered every Friday (see pages 14-15 for more details). Please visit the website ( for a complete schedule of on campus classes.

Our flexible program allows you to choose a plan that’s best for your family. As a parent, if you need support academically, we offer an academic program every Monday-Thursday, you pick the days that are best for you. We also offer a great Fine Arts program every Friday. Classes begin in the fall and end in the summer.

FCA recognizes that God has ordained the parent be the primary educator of the child, therefore, the school will partner with the parent in the educational process. This teamwork approach provides the ideal situation where the student, parent, and teachers are all working together to obtain the same goal. Our goal is not to replace the responsibility of the home, but to help in that responsibility. Therefore, each student should have a parent supervising him/her while completing assignments at home the other days of the week. FCA’s Homeschool Tutorial Classes are only an extension, not a replacement, for the home.

FCA uses the following curriculum for its academic program:

PreK – K: Students use Horizons Phonics and Horizons Math. Students attend a half day, classes are from 8:30am-12:30pm

1st-2nd: Students use the Alpha Omega Lifepacs for Language Arts, Math, Science, History and Geography. The Explorers Bible Study series is used during Bible time along with other resources. In addition students are exposed to a wealth of quality literature.

3rd-4th: Students transition from complete book learning to a mixture of book learning and online computer learning. For book learning students use the Alpha Omega Lifepacs for Language Arts and Math and computer learning is with FCA’s Online Academy for Science, History and Geography. The Explorers Bible Study series is used during Bible time along with other resources. In addition students are exposed to a wealth of quality literature.

5th-12: Students use the FCA Online Academy computer curriculum for Language Arts, Math, Science, History and Geography. The Bible class is a combination of live chapel time and FCA’s Online Bible program.

Home Education Features

Offering over 100 Academic & Enrichment Classes for Pre-K – 12th Grade.

Best of Both Worlds Home Education & Tutoring

Low Student-Teacher Ratios, Average Class Size is Less Than 12 Students

Dedicated Christian Staff Who Really Care About Their Students
Safe, Loving and Friendly Environment

PreK-Kinder Classes

1st-8th Grade
History & Geography
Language Arts

9th-12th Grade
Algebra 1-2
English 1-4
Foundations 1-2
Government & Economics
Physical Science
U.S. History
World Geography
World History


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