Stay at home mom. When the going gets tough turn around and find something good. #parenting #motherhood #children #overwhelmed #joy #apositivemessage

Taking the good with the bad, being a Stay at Home Mom.

Being a mother can be a daunting task at times. Being a stay at home mom? It’s a job in itself. As precious as each moment you spend with your child is, every one needs a break sometimes. It’s not all glamorous and wonderful. When the dishes are piling up, you’ve got a one year old crying in a dirty diaper, your phone is ringing and your mind is going over the may work tasks that have yet to be completed… suddenly it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Continue reading “Taking the good with the bad, being a Stay at Home Mom.”

Baby names. What's your story? What's the name behind your child's name? #kids #baby #babynames #namemeaning #pregnancy #parenting #Kidsbloom

Baby names. What’s your story?

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Shortly after discovering I was pregnant I started thinking about baby names. I did what I believe most new parents do and Googled it! I couldn’t believe the results. Popular baby names, unique baby names, trending baby names, even “geeky” or “emo” baby names! Basically, you name it and I’m sure at some point I came across it. Continue reading “Baby names. What’s your story?”

Benefits of trying a free Amazon Mom account. Including #savings on #diapers and #wipes also free prime shipping! #Kidsbloom #deals #free #baby #newborn #parenting

Why you should try the Free Trial of Amazon Mom

Once upon a late night trip to the store to grab diapers, I came to realize there must be a better way! I would give anything to never have to worry with it again. Oh, a world in which I could have diapers and wipes on hand at ALL times! Continue reading “Why you should try the Free Trial of Amazon Mom”